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We've been working hard on improving and adding features to the Prototype build.

  • Multiple-Enemy encounters (Still adapting camera and art, but main functionality is working including EXP gains)

  • Targeting and multi-target damage functionality

  • Glag enemy animations are completed

  • Logic plan for Ecosystem "ground-work"

  • Art focus on completing Loden Lacuna Environment Art


Click the thumbnails to enlarge sample​


We plan to give updated screen captures and a more finalized presentation as soon as we get over these next hurdles. Thanks again everyone!

-Zade Studios Team


  • We have new In-game Capture videos to show where we are currently. We've also been adding concept art recently as well. We hope its been enjoyable to see the growth so far!

  • We feel the Battle vignette is too Strong and primitive so are looking at a few solutions, such as Bumps and Normals.

  • We got Target switching working much better than before.

  • Loden Lacuna Prototype level art is finished!!!

  • Whew, glad that is pushed, and there are additional assets we're thinking of as well, but we think this is a great base.

  • Reworks are being done for the Character Portraits, Needs more consistency now


Our next update will be soon and to us, worth the work and wait to see it this far along!

 Thanks again Everyone!

-Zade Studios Team


We hope everyone is staying safe and considerate during the current times. 



  • Our experiments with Normal maps work great for our desired lighting implementation, so we are moving forward.

  • Our recent discussions have been focused around having the Prototype at a Demo quality by the time physical venues are available to the public again.

  • We will update again soon, some new exciting additions are coming to fruition!

  • We want to promote safety through the pandemic and will be patient and productive as we hope all of you can be. Please care and support the medical/service workers as well each other. Cooler heads must prevail.


-Zade Studios Team





  • Protoptye is completed.

  • The Youtube and Instagram Communities have been amazing to us! Thank you so much everyone!

  • We will update again soon!


-Zade Studios Team


Indiegogo Pre-Campaign!!!



  • The BECKONED Indiegogo pre-campaign is live!

  • More news cooking up!!!

  • Next Update should be Bomb!!


-Zade Studios Team

In the mid 90's, my friend and I grew up playing in the woods of northern Kentucky, inspired by the golden age of RPG video games, Tolkien lore, and intimidating tabletop RPGs his older brother would game-master us through.

When his brother was not around, we would grab a D20 and paper, sending each other through the others imagination, inventing the rules as we played. We dreamed up too many places and characters to recount, but some stuck forever.


The world of Devanis became the world I worked out. I drew everything I could imagine of that world. We worked on many ideas between his stories and mine and we would always bounce them off one another, poking at the logic of illogical things.


I always escaped into my art, and my art was mostly Devanis; this world where I could create creatures and plants, heroes and villains, adventure, and heartbreak. I could tell my own story through developing this world.


I kept Devanis working as a side-project throughout my life, and since the Sega Genesis, I have always wanted to make game graphics. Several years after college, I found work as a game artist for two indie-game companies in Florida, and worked alongside very skilled artists, animators, programmers, and designers. Afterwards, I just couldn’t hold it in anymore, it was time for me to bring Devanis to light. 

Three years of actual concept art, game design, world building, and writing later...

In 2019 My older brother stepped from the mist of industrial programming and his NAVY experience to begin coding BECKONED. Showing him how I wanted to craft the game, he drilled out the test quickly with stability. The game-art poured out of me alongside his progress learning Unreal 4 Blueprint system and building his first game. The spare-time between us two developers created the current Prototype as of September 2020. I could not have done it without him. We are aware further polish is needed in many areas, but we are humbled by the experience as a whole and proud to have everyone play it! 

We are beginners making a high-def, hand-animated, cinematic, 20-hour epic JRPG using Unreal4 Blueprint engine. We will be pushing the engines 2D capabilities to the max with the large hand-drawn sprites, and creating a new visual style lighting these robust assets in full flip-book, animated glory. By mixing these techniques with luminous special effects and an original score, BECKONED demonstrate how Unreal can empower people to create whatever they dream of.


We both host BECKONED Development Weekly Stream on YouTube every Friday @ 8pm Eastern, and we have a blast with everyone that shows up!


As a small studio, we created a place where we could interact with a community and build a following of fun personalities and insights.



Happy New Year Everyone!!!



  • We are just about ready to go live with our Indiegogo Campaign.

  • Our friends, YouTube Subscribers and Social-media Followers are the best, sharing and posting all while keeping our spirits up as we keep working things out! Thank you all so very much!

  • We will be letting everyone know the moment the campaign goes live!

  • May we all find the bravery to make 2021 our own!


-Zade Studios Team


Post Indiegogo Campaign

  •  Over the course of the past few months, we have been studying the world of comics and improving our outreach to the public.

  • We did underestimate the outreach needed to fund such a goal and we have increased our social outreach and garnering great support and feedback.

  • It is our focus to keep plugging away and reach everyone we can. 


  • The webpage will soon include updates and news on the comics production.

Thank you everyone,

-Zade Studios Team



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