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About Us
Zade Studios LLC began in 2016 as a Indie venture which grew towards the creation of a major flag-ship videogame title, Beckoned. In 2019, we began converting our concepts from years of pre-production and design into work towards a prototype for that major title. We are proud to be presenting this prototype soon, as we continue to grow and network in this amazing industry. We hope our work reflects our passion and drive to be a company led by skill, honesty, and purpose.
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News & Updates


Indiegogo Pre-Campaign!!!



  • The BECKONED Indiegogo pre-campaign is live!

  • More news cooking up!!!

  • Next Update should be Bomb!!

-Zade Studios Team



Beckoned is a single player epic adventure, driven by progressive role-playing combat mechanics. It is planned for a PC launch, with between 12 and 20 hours of play.

Control three protagonist across six wild landscapes full of plants and animals to hunt, gather, craft and make peace in order to survive.


Master the environment and challenge morale-crushing bosses with the help from magic derived from Loden Shards found along the way.

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Happy New Year Everyone!!!



  • We are just about ready to go live with our Indiegogo Campaign.

  • Our friends, YouTube Subscribers and Social-media Followers are the best, sharing and posting all while keeping our spirits up as we keep working things out! Thank you all so very much!

  • Over the time we have been pushing for exposure, we hit reddit up for over 1,000 Upvotes on the r/JRPG subreddit! Go check it out! https://www.reddit.com/r/JRPG/comments/kdcovx/my_first_attempt_at_leading_a_indie_game_project/

  • We will be letting everyone know the moment the campaign goes live!

  • May we all find the bravery to make 2021 our own!


-Zade Studios Team


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Contact Us

  Zade Studios LLC became official in mid 2016, we hope our efforts show the passion we have as we move forward. We strive to create each title to present itself as more advanced and engaging than the last.

  If you are interested in helping us in any way, or simply want to see more of the products we have planned, please reach out to us with the contact from below.                                                                         

 - Zade Studios Team

Thank you ever so kindly!